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What do we do?

Did anyone else enjoy the quick change of temperature? The drop didn’t have any cooling effect on our hot, hot, hot factory and only the office benefitted mildly.

Let’s have a quick reminder of everything we can do (it’s always good to have a summary blog in case you don’t want to troll through our amazing website, but this is fully recommended.)


Our reliable project management skills keep you updated on the programme of works, to ensure that the project is completed within the indicated timelines and that the project coinheres with all compulsory health & safety guidelines and other policies. Our ATTS (Advanced Thermal Treatment Solutions) and CHP (Combined Heat and Power) energy recovery systems are at the forefront of futuristic and radical technological breakthroughs. Here at M and S Combustion, we are always working in partnership with new companies, researching and developing new and innovative solutions for both waste and power. Our waste-to-energy approaches allow the operators to be more economical with handling the waste at the source whilst generating thermal and electrical power from the waste, which typically would have been sent a to landfill. Let’s face it, we could all do with energy bills being reduced!

The systems that we provide can be detached or fully modular for future expansion, return on investment can be less than 12 months depending on the waste stream being treated. This is just one benefit to our customers in their long–term strategic removal of waste and everyone needs a future plan.

All of our systems can be retrofitted onto most of our equipment, whether batch loaded or a continuous system. All our ATTS (Advanced Thermal Treatment Solutions) and CHP (Combined Heat and Power) energy recovery systems are designed and tailored to your specifications and requirements. Here at M and S Combustion, teamwork is our core principle.


And that’s not all folks, many of our agricultural waste incinerators are DEFRA certified for the reliable destruction of animal by-products & other farm waste. We are always keen to build relations with Agricultural companies to aid with incinerators. Animal diseases, viruses and the spread of infection are just some of the risks associated with poor animal waste treatment. Disposal of agricultural & animal waste through incineration is the best way to ensure complete biosecurity. And we are here to help with all solutions and plans.

Human Crematorium

You would think that we already are doing so much (wearing my super eco–friendly cape) but we also work with pet crematoriums and human crematoriums. Here at M and S Combustions, we specialise in pet crematorium equipment and solutions, we have a growing portfolio of clients across the globe and continue to build relationships with our clients. We manufacture all our pet cremation machines in-house, as well as deliver and install equipment on-site, and provide service and maintenance to our customers worldwide.

Pet Crematorium

So, what about crematorium services, of course, we offer customised packages for all businesses in the crematorium and waste management sectors. Options range from yearly packages and "as and when" packages. These options are available on all makes and models, from small to large plants. Pet Crematorium services are as important to us as human crematorium services, and all other incineration projects.

Medical Waste incineration

Just as a bonus we also work with the designing, manufacturing, and installation of medical waste incinerators. We can help with top-end, exceedingly eco-friendly solutions to aid the disposal of all forms of hazardous, pharmaceutical, and medical waste. Providing incinerators and delivering the perfect solution for Hospitals, Laboratories and Aid Agencies worldwide.

We have a small but perfect little team consisting of many years of manufacturing experience and a team of electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers on-site we are perfectly placed to build your solution.

Bacon Sandwiches and our clients

And from our last blog, you will also know we love a bacon sarnie and a cuppa to accompany and chat you have regarding your next incineration project.

Please get in touch with our industry professionals at or +44(0)7786 214039 to discuss your #incineration and #cremation needs.

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