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What a Summer!!

Here at #MandSCombustion, we have some incredible news!

Over the Summer we’ve had a little time to contemplate and think about what an amazing couple of months we’ve had.

So, WHAT’S the incredible news …….

We are growing.

We’ve got a couple of new #team members on board to help us get the larger projects worked through quicker. These guys have brought new knowledge, a tonne of experience, some new perspectives, and (the best bit) a container freight worth of optimism.

Here at M and S Combustion we still have the highest standard quality of incinerators tailored to your specifications, but we also understand the importance of time in getting these major projects completed.

These new lads are already brilliant at ensuring the M and S combustion goals are at the forefront of every day’s work.

We also have our brand-new fabrication shop set up, (we needed somewhere to put the newbies!) The space now means we can work alongside more project managers at any one point in time, designing and building more incinerators to our client’s specifications. In our last blog, we had a quick run-through of just some of the assignments we do, but we are keen to work with more customers and on more exciting projects. What’s your incineration project?

Can we help?

The other way we are growing is via our social media (hi again to all our new #LinkedIn connections!)

We do ask please do keep sharing our website details or get in touch with our #industry professionals at or +44(0)7786 214039 to discuss your #incineration and #cremation needs.

It’s amazing how many of you just say “Hi” and keep our details for plans and developments.

So, we will close this week’s blog with a thank you to all the support we’ve been receiving – whether it’s a weekly sign-in to read the blogs, a forward on of the web link or to the friends and family who support the big business plans we have here at M and S Combustion.

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