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The power of social media?

Could you be next?

Do you ever set yourself a goal or dream and set it aside as a one-day wish?

Here at M and S combustion, we are a small little family-run business, but we have big visions and dreams including working alongside some of the leading pioneers of the world that are turning waste into green energy.

(#Veolia if you read this blog, it would be amazing to work with you 😊) In Leeds, England, Veolia recovers 90% of the city’s household waste to produce nearly 11 MW of electricity – enough to cover the needs of about 20,000 inhabitants. This facility will save nearly €250 million in landfill tax over 25 years and is expected to eventually create 45 sustainable local jobs.

Another great fact, Covalys - a dedicated joint venture created by Veolia (65%) and Idex (35%) - uses heat from household waste to supply district heating networks in Roubaix and Lille. The 70,000 households served will benefit from lower-cost green energy.

#Shell is another big global brand that we aspire to collaborate with, its sustainability aims of " providing more and cleaner #energy solutions in a responsible way.” M and S Combustion would love to work in collaboration with you on tackling climate change while meeting the world’s energy needs, and also fully recognise that this is one of the greatest challenges faced by society. M and S Combustion also fully supports the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UK Government’s ambitious target of net zero emissions by 2050. Plus having my own mini-#STEM fascinated young person in the family, from a personal aspect I can fully appreciate Shell’s supporting ethos and programmes to aid young people’s education, to help increase the diversity and number of young people going into engineering careers.

So Here’s a reminder of What We Do

Incinerators #MandScombustion offer the manufacture of Solid, Liquid and Gas Waste Incinerators & Thermal Oxidizers.

Infrared/Ultrasonic Inspections include Fugitive Emissions, Electrical Systems, Furnace & Steam Generator/Boiler (Tube) Inspections, Refractory & Ultrasonic Leak Detection.

We can do this by offering #combustion processes and #incineration-related products manufactured to exact specifications. Our incinerator designs are application-specific, allowing for cost-efficient and environmentally sensitive combustion solutions for solid, liquid and gas waste. We also provide a platform and mobile incinerators, as well as a variety of optional equipment and related technologies.

To conclude this blog, what I’m asking is if you have contacts in the industry it would be great to be in contact with them. Please get in touch with our industry professionals at or +44(0)7786 214039 to discuss your #incineration and #cremation needs.

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