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Pet cremation systems

Having recently just got our own new puppy, we are a long way away from thinking about the end processes. But we do recognise that the niche sector of pet cremation has seen significant growth.

Our selection of industrial incinerators are created to effectively eliminate a variety of industrial waste kinds; (e.g. drying, separating metals from other waste types).

Here at M and S Combustion we are industry pioneers in pet cremation equipment and solutions. In addition to designing, creating, conveying and installing the equipment on-site, we offer servicing and maintenance to our customers throughout the world.

We are looking to extend our clientele as we work collaboratively with many kinds of pet/ animal cremation owners. We've worked with all different kinds of people—from farmers to veterinary clinics—as well as existing established enterprises because they realise the great earning possibilities and enter this expanding sector. Our incinerators are purpose built for your needs. (Ever thought of starting or expanding your crematorium?)

Because there are now more pet owners than ever, pet cremation businesses see this as a big opportunity for growth. However, they cannot keep up with demand. Internationally and nationally across the UK, there is becoming an increasing need for efficient and reliable solutions.

We create our pet/ animal cremation devices exclusively for the pet/ animal cremation business. These machines are built with the operator in mind, with front-loading chambers and ergonomic grips. They are DEFRA approved and we have a selection of model configurations.

Our business promise is to ensure that you have a machine that will survive for many years and be completely maintained/serviced by our network of support experts. All our pet cremation machines are made in the UK to our high standards and protected by our extensive warranty. Pet cremation is a niche market within this industry that has quickly experienced exponential expansion. Pet owners now want to honour their pets' lives and say goodbye to them in a respectful manner. A pet's life can be commemorated and memorialised by the family with a cremation service.

And this is where we can help you out.

Here at #MandSCombustion we know the importance of smoothly run services and obtaining the maximum efficiency from your incinerator.

Please get in touch with our industry professionals at

or +44(0)7786 214039 to discuss

your #sustainabilty #incineration and #cremation needs.

PS our puppy is super cute!

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