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Next Steps

This week has been one full of ponderings of next steps.

Our nation said its final goodbye to our incredible Queen Elizabeth, her state funeral being on Monday 19th September served us all with a bank holiday enabling us to pay our respects and say farewell. The understanding of now that our Queen who bridged gaps where governments couldn’t is now gone and the country is entering next steps.

London provided such an amazing procession. London at its best.

People joined together, showing dedication and respect.

Even in such a sad time, people cried together, mourned together.

We too, although not in London paused our work and paid our respects to the lady who selflessly served the world for 70 years. And still felt part of this momentous day. We flew the flag half masked.

We said Amen to the prayers and had our heart paused whilst she was laid to finally be at peace.

Like many we witnessed the royal family hold themselves with deep composure. The new King Charles now needing to take next steps into leadership. We also as parents felt a surging pride over the children who behaved immaculate, looking solemn but composed whilst the rest of the country cried. Taking in the situation, of what is a very private family matter in the view of the public. Another glimpse of the monarchy and the future.

All the soldiers and serving armed forces, saying goodbye to the last monarch and welcoming in the new. Saluting and crying at the same time. Each and every, echelon paying respect, but it was clear the raw emotions of people. Time paused so very briefly.


Tuesday and the rest of the week sees us working on a mega exciting project. Life continuing.

The office is coming along in very quick steps and I’m so proud of the team for their hard work, commitment and devotion. The new workshop is also looking professional.

The noisy workshop still has a bit of sense of grief, a bit of wondering what the next steps as a country are.

We are still looking to build business relationships, to manufacture new projects, to service incinerators and cremation furnaces.

Please get in touch with our industry professionals at

or +44(0)7786 214039 to discuss

your #sustainabilty #incineration and #cremation needs.

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