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Lives will be Lost

These are the emotional words that were said by our government when queried about the rising energy prices being capped at 80%!!!

Here at #MandSCombustion, we love a good statistic but that is absolutely shocking.

This is absolutely devastating for families this winter with real hard decisions to be made on whether to be warm or to eat.

It’s something we here at M and S Combustion feel extremely strongly about, we ourselves are a close-knit little team and cherish the small families that work with us.

I have no doubt that there will be parents sacrificing their own meals in order that their kids can eat and stay warm, whilst they become hungry. This should not be happening in the 21st century.

The stress of this coming in the near future will be enough to cause immense stress alone, never mind when it actually happens.

I am nearly brought to tears writing about this, thinking about the situation and at the same time angry at those allowing and making it happen. To those of you that should be doing something about it, shame on you.

In many of the past blogs, we have talked about how incinerations and the processes can help with #energy and the #fuel for generating #power crises. In simplicity, the burning of waste heats water and the steam drives a turbine to generate electricity. The results reduced landfills and reduced power supplies.

Please get in touch with our industry professionals at

or +44(0)7786 214039 to discuss

your #incineration and #cremation needs.

I’m keen to work alongside some of the companies that can make a difference before it’s too late.

Please send a DM and let’s collaborate in reducing that 80%.

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