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Increased cost in fuel and electricity – how economic is your pet cremator?

Is it time to consider upgrading your cremator…

The rise has been driven by growing demand for crude following the easing of Covid-19 travel restrictions, as oil production among the world's biggest suppliers has struggled to keep pace. Tensions between Ukraine and Russia, which is the world's third-biggest oil producer, have also fuelled higher oil prices.

What makes up the price of UK fuel?

The price of fuel can be divided into three sections; the taxes imposed by the Government, the costs of drilling, refining and transporting, and the profit margins for the fuel companies.

How does this affect you?

With the rising costs in fuel and no end in sight… We are sure that your biggest monthly bill has gone towards the running costs of your cremator. This has impacted private households and businesses around the UK, however the quantities used in a crematorium are more significant than the private user. To stay competitive in the market, unfortunately we can not just keep increasing prices to stay up to date with the ever-rising fuel running costs.

So, what can you do? The importance of various size cremation chambers.

It is perhaps time to upgrade your current equipment to a more economical solution. Pet owners love their pets as much as they do their family and want to ensure that they receive the best compassionate service. Therefore, individual cremations are in bigger command year-by-year.

Not all pets are the same size…. It can be as small as a Hamster to as big as a Great Dane. If you have a two chambered pet cremator with the same size chambers (i.e., designed for the largest pet you will be cremating) it would not be economical to cremate the tiny hamster in that large chamber, as your fuel usage will be extortionate.

To ensure that you run your business more economically and efficiently it is recommended that you have various size chambers to accommodate the size of the pet. Allowing you to heat a chamber fit for the size of the pet, instead of having to heat the primary chamber and using fuel that is not necessary.

How can we help you?

Together we can come up with a plan to decrease cost and increase your business capacity. Within 6 – 8 weeks you can be up and running with your new pet cremator and start saving money where it matters.

For more information, please get in contact with our sales professionals ad , ready to answer any questions you may have and to book your consultation.

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