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Incinerators the superhero’s

Whilst the impact of rising energy costs on individuals are well documented, the forthcoming issues for business (unprotected by any caps) are going to be significant, and sadly many will not survive. BIG businesses that have had years of growth and time to build up financial equity are still going to need to make cuts. And those of us, that are small family run and just starting out are going to have to work twice as hard to see through the end of the recession. You can’t escape the news, especially when you are a business owner, and this is already common knowledge the UK has already piled tens of millions of pounds into this US Private Equity owned business to keep it running last September. Now it is pausing production again! Come on UK government, a suggestion….. why not focus on keeping our own economy and working families in jobs? Not plough money overseas. The tsunami of issues coming our way are a direct result of a government committed to the ongoing use of fossil fuels. Where is the war-footing plan to fix this quickly, and at scale?

Also in the news, #hospitality and #brewing have been dealt a fresh blow with the news that CF Industries is halting ammonia production at its UK plant, in Billingham.

This, in turn, will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) supplies.

The plant is the main source of the country’s CO2 which is used throughout the food and drink industry. The temporary closure of the plant last year led to many shortages in the supply chain. Closure now is being blamed on soaring natural gas prices.

“The timing of this news couldn’t be worse as our pubs and brewers are already dealing with severe headwinds and pressures on their supply chains,” said Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the British Beer & Pub Association.

“This decision raises serious concerns for the sustainable supply of Co2 to the brewing and pub industry. A guaranteed supply is essential for operations across pub and brewing businesses and this announcement comes at a time when they are already facing extreme cost rises that are threatening businesses and people’s livelihoods across the country.

We urge the government to urgently convene stakeholders to ensure there is a reliable supply of Co2 to our industry and others that depend on it.”

Here at #MandS Combustion, we are always seeking a solution to any problems. We have an idea;

The #incineration of 1 Mg of municipal waste in MSW incinerators is associated with the production/release of about 0.7 to 1.2 Mg of carbon dioxide (CO2 output). The proportion of carbon of biogenic origin is usually in the range of 33 to 50 per cent.

And we all read that rubbish incineration is incredibly bad for the climate, releasing 2.5 times as much carbon dioxide CO2 to make the same amount of electricity as a coal power plant. But what if those CO2 emissions were used for good? What if incinerators were used to create electricity (we’ve blogged about the processes before), and the CO2 emissions were harnessed to help the making of a local pint of beer and landfill be reduced?

In no words are we going to discourage the recycling processes, but we definitely believe there’s a better future for the sustainability of resources and energy which could have huge benefits for many industries.

Could Incineration come to the rescue again?

Could the burning of waste save Landfills and create CO2 gases that save the hospitality and brewery industry?

Please get in touch with our industry professionals at

or +44(0)7786 214039 to discuss

your #sustainabilty #incineration and #cremation needs.

I’m keen to work alongside companies that have an influence before it’s too late.

Please send a DM and let’s collaborate in saving the UK, (I’ll wear a cape but won’t put my pants on the outside of my trousers!)

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