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Incineration processes and the world

M & S Combustion is founded upon the core of the processes of incineration, in short, a #waste treatment process that involves the #combustion of substances. Incineration and other high-temperature waste treatment systems are described as #thermal treatment. We then became curious about our adventures around the world and the cultural differences. Whilst researching we discovered some very interesting facts,

Did you know in Sweden, Trash Heats Homes, Powers Buses, and Fuels Taxi Fleets? Could more countries take Sweden’s lead?

Did you know, that Denmark’s waste-to-energy incinerator, #Amager Bakke, is so well known it has become a #tourist attraction and is celebrated as one of the world’s cleanest waste-to-energy incinerators? Every day, around 300 trucks filled with non-recyclable municipal solid waste are sent to Amager Bakke! We at M & S Combustion think that’s pretty impressive!

This fuels a furnace that runs at 1,000℃, turning water into steam. And this steam provides electricity and heat to around 100,000 households. Generally, people in Denmark warmly welcome it. Could more countries take Denmark’s lead?

Did you know, that in New Zealand, a landfill is a principal procedure for waste disposal? It’s estimated that in 2018 New Zealand created 17.6 million tonnes of waste, of which 12.7 million were disposed of in landfills including farm dumps (augh). Many areas are facing an urgent need to invest in new-found and innovative solutions as the waste flow has increased, severely shortening the projected life of the existing local landfills. Pressure on recycling operations is also impacting the transition toward a circular economy. In 2018, 4.9 million tonnes of recyclable material were recovered from the waste stream. Recycling operations within New Zealand are limited and New Zealand’s ability to export waste has been reduced by the Chinese government’s decision to severely limit the volumes and types of waste they will accept. In 2018 New Zealand exported $573 million worth of waste. Let’s hope more countries learn what they are doing wrong and put in place processes to help the ever-rising concerns of pollution.

So why are we writing this blog – well we at M & S Combustion are concerned and are here to off an answer, a solution. The UK is our small home country is also high risk but let’s find world solutions.

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