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Getting bigger

We’ve had another exciting week, full of building the company and achieving goals.

In the last update, we told you that the order to manufacture 5 off #containerised general #waste #incinerators for Vanuatu was ongoing. Within the 1st 5 weeks, we had completed 2 of the general waste incinerators - ready to ship and with completion of the final 3 to go. This has now been finished and our first global project accomplished.

This has just led to bigger and more expansive dreams of more global projects, and we can’t wait to see where future adventures lead us.

Our current #lead times on small #waste #incinerators and small #pet #cremations are 6 - 8 weeks from the order received. This includes manufacturing, painting, factory testing with our client and installation on site. Of course, around the world is slightly longer, but we will still endeavour always to keep timings as minimal as possible.

We at M&S combustion solutions are a team of talented, manufacturing and engineering specialists, each of whom is a professional in their field. We’ve got a newbie in the admin department and really looking forward to a few small changes, that will aid the flow processes of the backend of the business.

And although we are already a wonderful #team we are looking to expand. With that being said if you are finishing qualifications this summer, or just would love to join a team that is growing then please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

We are here for all Comprehensive furnace servicing and repairs, Project management, Supply of parts and Ancillary equipment Remote/ On-site plant commissioning

Please get in touch with our industry professionals at or +44(0)7786 214039 to discuss your #incineration and #cremation needs.

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