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Future Technology and fabrications

Updated: Feb 23


m excited about the future of technology and its potential to be used in ways that are not harmful. I'm also an optimist, so when I think about all the amazing things we can do with technology, my mind goes straight to Fabrication.

A quick reminder of what an incinerator is.. these are fabricated on-site devices that burns waste to dispose of it or to generate energy. Incineration and other high-temperature waste treatment systems are considered effective methods of reducing the volume of solid waste, as they can convert non-recyclable materials into minerals.

Incinerators may be used for disposal in cases where their energy content far exceeds their mass; however, they are more commonly employed for generating electricity or heat (for example, district heating), which makes them an attractive source of renewable energy Incinerators have been used since ancient times but have become much more common since the industrial revolution.

Modern incinerators are versatile machines, capable of efficiently combusting a wide variety of waste materials. They generally operate by feeding a continuous stream of waste into an enclosed chamber, where it is burned at very high temperatures. The hot gases produced are passed through a heat recovery system which generates energy to power the facility or sell back to the grid.

Sustainable means that something lasts a long time. This is a very important aspect of sustainability because if something doesn't last, it can't be reused or recycled and therefore won't be sustainable.

The opposite of sustainable is unsustainable, which means that the object will not last very long at all and cannot be reused or recycled. An example would be plastic bottles made from petroleum products, like oil from drilling deep underground into rocks (fracking). These plastics are not good for our environment because they take up space in landfills where they don't decompose quickly enough to be useful again after being thrown away by consumers--and if we keep producing them at this rate then there won't even be room left over once all those landfills fill up!

It's true that technology can be used to harm, but it can also be used to help. Technology can be used to help the environment, community and economy. It is important for us as humans not only to understand how technology works but also how we can use it in a positive way.

At M& S Combustion and fabrications, we collaborate closely with industry leaders, to provide designs for industrial incinerators, and take part in every step of the manufacturing and installation process.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that technology can be used in ways that are not harmful. With the right mindset and knowledge, we can make sure that our future is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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