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Farm Incinerators

In 2021, the UK agriculture industry was made up of 216,000 farm holdings. Tom Heathcote, head of agricultural consultancy at Knight Frank, said that based on his own experience and knowledge of the market, he would “consider an average UK farm to include 800 acres (600 arable, 150 grass, 50 woodland), one house, two cottages, and a mixture of modern and traditional buildings, for about £8m”

Farm waste can vary greatly. It is estimated that in the UK an annual combined surplus and waste in primary production is 3.6 million tonnes (Mt), which is between 6 and 7% of total output!

So how can we help?

Here at #M and S Combustion we are industry pioneers in farmers incinerator equipment and solutions. In addition to designing, creating, conveying, and installing the equipment on-site, we offer servicing and maintenance to our customers throughout the world.

We usually suggest to our clients to track their typical waste creation for at least a month or two BEFORE they begin considering which incinerator to buy. Once the waste streams have been determined, you must consider how much waste you will be processing each hour or day. Add each of the following:

Livestock (Old/Soiled) bedding

Common farm waste (incl. Household)

fallen animals

Land and horticulture waste

And we don’t just work with UK farmers, but internationally too – It was found in 2021 that in many parts of developing countries, agricultural solid wastes are indiscriminately dumped or burnt in public places, thereby resulting in the generation of air pollution, soil contamination, a harmful gas, smoke and dust and the residue may be pumped into a water source thereby polluting the water and aquatic wildlife.

Here at M and S Combustion would recommend, that the most cost-effective biosecurity alternative available is on-site incineration waste solution which offers a simple approach to removal of waste and maintain a farm or animal facility's cleanliness and health while lowering the danger of infection.

So, we have a solution to offer that will work whether you oversee a huge commercial business with hundreds of hectares under your control or a small farm with 20 head of livestock. Both internationally and in the UK.

Please get in touch with our industry professionals at

or +44(0)7786 214039 to discuss

your #sustainabilty #incineration and #cremation needs.

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