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This week has been one of those weeks where everywhere is reporting and highlighting the rising costs of energy.

Here at M and s combustion, we are fully wanting to support sustainable resources and be as environmentally friendly as possible. Surely incineration and its processes involved, can springboard future solutions and aid the world’s future challenges.

But in 2019 it was reported by the Guardian how far behind the UK is in the recycling crisis. With our Energy ministers grappling for years (and still looking ) for ways to make electricity reliable, sustainable and affordable, surely the process of burning and incinerating garbage and transforming it into chemical and then into thermal energy is the ideal solution?

The most common technology for waste to energy conversion is incineration. In this process, the organics collected from the waste have burnt at a high temperature. This type of treatment is called thermal treatment. The heat generated from this thermal treatment is than used to create energy.


This technology uses thermal decomposition in the presence of water. In this process, organic compounds from waste are heated at a high temperature to create thermal energy. In this process, we can generate fossil fuels from waste. The process of thermal decomposition is also called Hydrous Pyrolysis.


This is a developing process to create energy from waste. In this process, carbonaceous substances are converted into carbon dioxide, carbon mono oxide and a small amount of hydrogen at a high temperature in the presence of oxygen. In this process, Synththen gas is produced which is a good means of alternate energy. Synthesis gas is then used to generate electricity and heat.


This process is widely used in the industrial process to create energy from waste. This is like Hydrous Pyrolysis. Unlike Hydrous Pyrolysis, the Pyrolysis process uses organic or cultivated waste from industries.

#Plasma Arc Gasification

In this process, a plasma torch is used to ionize gas which is generated from compressing the waste. Syngas or Synthesis gas is then used to produce electricity.

The method of turning waste into energy is an emerging and innovative development of technologies aimed to create a better and sustainable environment. Waste to energy technology is developing day by day and we can save our ecosystem by adopting this technology. It can also solve the energy problem of the world. Though the scale of energy generation using waste to energy method is still small right now, it can be a great energy solution in the near future.

This blog was a long (and very scientific one!) but hopefully, we can get some more UK ministers educated and find a solution to the increasing problem of finding renewable energy.

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