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Benefits of product and service

What are the benefits of combining your bought product with a service plan?

There are many benefits to combining a product bought from a specific company or brand and using the same company brand to service that product. For example, does you Vauxhall car work 100% the same as a Mercedes and use the same parts….was it the same people that manufactured it? No, so you wouldn’t risk taking your Mercedes to a Vauxhall garage to be serviced or to replace parts, would you?

Why risk the same with your cremators or incinerators? When we manufacture your waste incinerator or pet cremator, we manufacture it according to your specific need. We take care of every inch of the fabrication, materials, parts, and assembly of the product.

We ensure that we use quality material, set burners to the right angle, and introduce the right amount of air into the combustion chambers to reach optimum combustion for two reasons.

1. To ensure that every cremation or incineration process is economical

2. To ensure that emission limits are met

During a service, every part of the machine and its parts are cleaned and checked up to ensure functionality. If a replacement is required, it will be replaced by the same quality, tried, and tested material that it was manufactured with.

By combining a service plan with the purchase of your long-term waste incineration or pet cremation business, you are also likely to save on a “bundle” purchase.

You will also be presented with a set number of services required for the upkeep of your cremator or incinerator, which would lead to pro-active fault finding and reduced down-time.

For more information please get in touch with the professional team at M&S Combustion on to answer any questions you may have.

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