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Progress update - 5 off general waste incinerators

Quality #waste #incinerators manufactured locally

When M&S Combustion LTD started operating as a business, it was important to us to function not as a "general" workplace, but rather as a close knit family. Being in the industry for many years, I have had the priveledge to work with the best in the industry and build close relationships with both clients, suppliers and industry professionals. This was crucial when building my team.

We at M&S combustion solutions are a team of talented, industry professionals, each whom are experts in their field. This has allowed us to manufacture quality #incinerators, and #cremation systems, offer excellent #customer service and #aftersales support within very short lead times. We focus on the smallest detail with the utmost care and proffesionalism ensuring that our client will receive a #incinerator that is built to last.

The order received to manufacture 5 off #containerised general #waste #incinerators for Vanuatu are on-going. Within the 1st 5 weeks, we have completed 2 of the general waste incinerators - ready to ship. Just in time to complete the final 3.

Our team has done fantastic work, completing each leg of the project in very good time, even during the challenging times of sourcing products and general hurdles.

Our current #lead times on small #waste #incinerators and small #pet #cremations are 6 - 8 weeks from order received. This includes manufacturing, painting, factory testing with our client and installation on site.

Please get in touch with our industry professionals on or +44(0)7786 214039 to discuss your #incineration and #cremation needs.

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