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2023 and what a cracking start already!

We started back in the headquarters and the lads, and I are enthusiastic and powered up by all the new projects and prospects of 2023.

With January always marking the start of new things, I thought it would be great to have an introduction to who and what we do.

Here at M and S combustion, we are global leaders in manufacturing incinerators. These great machines can be used across many industries and for all different purposes. Whilst we still build for the purpose of waste removal of medical, animal, and agricultural waste. More recently we have started to focus on what happens after and how this could benefit current economic situations. How can municipal waste be turned into energy?

Our expert team have been researching how Biomass generation handles waste from industries of all kinds, from agriculture to food factories. This system generates energy using biomass resources derived from biological sources. Agricultural waste products and wood pellets, which are being generated in greater amounts recently, can be used as fuel. Biomass can be used as a new energy source to take the place of fossil fuels like coal and oil. Utilizing biomass that had previously been processed as waste as fuel reduces CO2 emissions. Gas produced by thermal breakdown is used as a fuel for electricity production by our innovative gasification technique.

Did you know Biomass power generation at up to 75% thermal efficiency (the highest level in the world! M and S Combustion biomass power generation systems are radically different from the conventional operating principle of using steam to turn turbines. Gas is made by pyrolytic gasification of wood within the system and is used to run an engine for power generation. This unique gasification technology achieves high-performance biomass power generation of outstandingly high thermal efficiency.

The system allows for the sale of power on a wide range of scales, allowing for the profitable conversion of excess energy.

Connection to high-voltage lines, connection to power distribution transformers, or connection to manufacturing cubicles are all ways that electricity from generation plants might be sold. The electricity can either be transported to office buildings, retail, etc. or used immediately in the factory at a voltage compatible with FiT.

So, 2023 is the year where we are looking to work with electric suppliers, waste management and sustainability eco-warriors. We are keen in tackling and solving two of the biggest issues globally – waste management and energy crisis and believe incinerators are definitely a key fundamental solution.

Our team consists of engineers and combustion specialists who are committed to providing the best solutions to waste problems around the world.

We currently export to over 170 countries worldwide and have extensive knowledge of import regulations and logistics.

Don’t worry too much we will still be specialising in crematorium incinerators too!

Please get in touch with our industry professionals at

or +44(0)7786 214039 to discuss

your #sustainabilty #incineration and #cremation needs

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