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Agriculture Industry and Incinerators

A few of the dangers linked to improper animal waste management include animal diseases, viruses, and the transmission of infection. The greatest method for ensuring total biosecurity is to burn off agricultural and animal waste.

     All our agriculture incinerators are

DEFRA approved and suitable for farm waste incineration, Animal By-Products (ABP) and fallen stock carcass disposal. We can work with you at obtaining the right approvals. The DEFRA "Approved ABP Incinerator List" is a requirement for an incinerator to be used in the UK. Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) approval is required if you are simply burning animal byproducts (ABPs) and not a mixture of ABPs and other materials.


Full details of the application process can be found on the Defra Website.

We design and fabricate each incinerator to your unique specifications. 

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